Our seed is the first step to your next great harvest
Our seed is the first step to your next great harvest

Natural Products

What is a Natural Product you are probably asking?  The facts are simple most of the the farms which produce our grains are commercial potato operations and grains are a good rotation for these farms.  


With the standards which are set by the organic community we cannot get an organic certification on a large portion of these lands due to our potato rotations. 


In response to customer demand for reduced pesticide usage and an increased level of food safety we created a Natural system.


 Which means there are no synthetic products applied to the growing crop.  In essence we are growing these crops under the organic standards using composts and manures for fertilizer and not spraying any pesticides on these crops as they grow, but do to our potato rotation we cannot get the full certification for organic.


Our customers have really liked this conecpt, which offers a safer food system with less pesticide use, at a reduced cost over certified orgainc.  


We currently have natural production in Wheat, Oats and Barley.

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Since we only offer the highest quality, our selection changes from, season-to-season.

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