Our seed is the first step to your next great harvest
Our seed is the first step to your next great harvest

CDC Orrin

Breeder: Semican International, Quebec

CDC Orrin is a good all around oat with medium size kernals and vey good test weights.  Orrin can be milled but is most often used for a feed oat.  It performs well in all soil types and has good lodging scores.  Common yields range from 70 to 100 bushels per acre.


Availability: Limited (select)

Horsepower (PPV)

Breeder: South Dakota State University

Horsepower is a new release in 2010 from SDSU, it shows high yield potential with yields often exceeding 90 bushels and excellent test weights.  Horsepower will hold its color slightly longer than Orrin and performs well in most soils.  Horsepower has shown good milling quality but has mainly been used as a very solid horse feed oat.


Availability: Limited (registered)


Breeder: South Dakota State University

Goliath oats are a duel purpose oat, it typically has test weights in excess of 37.5 pounds and has very good color and a high groat to hull ratio.  Goliath is considered the best dual purpose oat currently in the U.S. market by many western growers.  Goliath will be the replacement for Jerry for those looking for a good forage Oat.


Availability: Very Limited

AC Aylmer

Breeder: Agriculture Canada

Aylmer is an good oat variety with good lodging resistence and very good yield potentials.  Its larger grain size makes for a very nice milling oat.  It performs well in organic and conventional systems.  Aylmer is a safe variety that will give constent quality yields that range from 70 to 90 bushels per acre.


Availability: Limited

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